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Protea Seamount Cluster

Protea Seamount Cluster is proposed EBSA, comprising seamounts in a matrix of abyssal and bathyal habitat, and includes the named seamounts: Protea and Argentina. It is the only seamount cluster in the south Atlantic abyss in South Africa’s EEZ. These seamounts support more productivity and diversity compared to adjacent sites, and serve as an important aggregation site for several migratory species. The EBSA contains fragile species and threatened habitats and species. It is vulnerable to pelagic fishing and benthic trawling, but is currently in good condition given the currently low anthropogenic pressure in the area.

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EBSA criteria met at a high (red), medium (orange) or low (yellow) rank. 

Protea Seamount Complex2 


Download the revised EBSA description:

icon Protea Seamount Cluster 2018 (531.35 kB)


Download the revised EBSA boundary:

icon Protea Seamount Cluster KMZ 2018 (13.83 kB) 


Download a map of the revised EBSA:

icon Protea Seamount Cluster 2018 (355.46 kB)