Vacancies at the Secretariat

The Benguela Current Convention is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from women and youth. The positions at BCC are categorised into:

1. Proffessional Category - These are positions of high responsibility of a managerial, professional or scientific nature. These positions will be filled by appropriately qualified professionals, preferably with post graduate qualifications or the equivalent. Staff members in this category shall be recruited from Contracting Parties.

2. General Services Category - These are auxiliary administrative and technical positions; clerical, secretarial and other office personnel. Such staff members shall be recruited in Namibia from among Namibian nationals and citizens of Contracting Parties with permanent residence in Namibia

There are currently no vacancies available at the Secretariat of the Benguela Current Convention (BCC). Please check local newspapers within the Parties (Angola, Namibia, South Africa) for available opportunities.