BCLME III Project: National Demonstration Projects


Angolan Demonstration Project: Sustainable Fisheries Practices at Community Level

The focus in Angola is on strengthening local level sustainable fisheries management practices. This includes fish processing for artisanal fisheries, improving regulatory systems as well as improving mariculture. The small-scale community level project aims to demonstrate the potential of mariculture in increasing food security, reducing dependence and impact on nearshore fisheries as well as improving livelihoods. The demonstration project is expected to specifically establish experimental stations for bivalve mollusk species.

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 Namibian Demonstration Project: The Blue Economy

Considering that Namibia’s land is 90% arid, and the ocean constitutes about two thirds of the land area, Namibia’s sustainable economic development, and prosperity, will be largely determined by the extent to which the country’s blue economy is developed. There is therefore a need to develop Namibia’s blue economy in an ecologically sustainable and economically inclusive manner, for the benefit of present and future generations. Namibia has identified Blue/ ocean economy as one of the sustainable approaches to economic development it is 5th National Development Plan.

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South African Demonstration Project: Water Quality Monitoring in the Swartkops Estuary, Port Elizabeth

South Africa aims to ensure that coastal and marine pollution as well as water quality is controlled and managed to meet agreed standards for human and ecosystem health. The Swartkops Estuary as a Demonstration Site, water quality is being monitored to establish “Fit for Purpose” standards. A participatory water quality monitoring programme is being implemented in the estuary.

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