The Annual Science Forum 2013

The Annual Science Forum of the Benguela Current Commission took place in Windhoek, Namibia from 24 to 26 September 2013.

During the Forum, project leaders presented progress on the implementation of BCC projects and participants were able to critically assess and comment on the project work plans, taking advantage of the wide range of local and international scientific expertise available. The Science Forum also provided a platform for the members of BCC Ecosystem Advisory Committee and regional Joint Working Groups (JWGs) to conduct business meetings and an opportunity for regional managers at different levels to interact and exchange information with scientists.

ASF 2013 proceedings, abstracts and presentations

MONDAY 23 September 2013
Day 1: Session 1 (Opening session)

Welcome and opening remarks by the Chair of the BCC Ecosystem Advisory Council – Dr Johann Augustyn

Opening address by Honourable Bernhard Esau, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

Keynote address

Name of Presenter

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Dr Paul Holthus, Executive Director of the World Ocean Council

Ocean industry leadership and collaboration in achieving the optimal use of marine resources

icon Paul Holthus abstract (38.9 kB)

icon Paul Holthus presentation (2.59 MB)

Dr Bjorn Serigstad, Environmental specialist from the Centre for Development Cooperation in Fisheries (CDFC) at the Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway

Environmental baseline studies and monitoring as a platform for marine management


 icon Bjorn Serigstad presentation (8.5 MB)

Session 1 (b)

Dr Hashali Hamukuaya, BCC Executive Secretary

Updates on BCC milestones


 icon Hashali Hamukuaya presentation (1.55 MB)

Dr Quentin Espey, BCC Ecosystems Coordinator

From Strategic Action Programme Implementation to Convention Implementation Plan for the BCC

icon Quentin Espey abstract (48.47 kB)

 icon Quentin Espey presentation (6.88 MB)

Dr Ekkehard Klingelhoeffer, University of Namibia

Progress in the implementation of the BCC Training and Capacity Development initiatives

icon Ekkehard Klingelhoeffer abstract (25.07 kB)

icon Ekkehard Klingelhoeffer presentation (1.14 MB)

Nico Willemse, Senior Project Manager of the BCLME SAP Imp project

Progress and status of the BCLME Strategic Action Programme Implementation (SAP Imp) project

icon Nico Willemse abstract (24.27 kB)

icon Nico Willemse presentation (2.55 MB)

Session 2 (a)


Dave Boyer (for Sandy Davies), Nordenfjeldske Development Services (NFDS)

An update on the process and outcomes of the 2013 review of the BCC’s Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA), Strategic Action Programme (SA) and Implementation Plan (IP) documents

icon Dave Boyer TDA SAP abstract (41.77 kB)

 icon Dave Boyer TDA SAP IP presentation (1.95 MB)

Nico Willemse

Results of the BCC SEA Scoping study



Dave Boyer, International Consultant

ACP Fish II project: Horse mackerel transboundary management in the BCLME region.

icon Dave Boyer abstract (35.96 kB)

 icon Dave Boyer HM presentation (1.83 MB)

Johann Augustyn, Chair of the BCC Ecosystem Advisory Committee

Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF) Institutional Arrangements

icon Johann Augustyn EAF abstract (56.43 kB)

 icon Johann Augustyn presentation 1 (730.57 kB)

Session 2 (b)


Deon Louw, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

Detecting phytoplankton dynamics in the central Benguela Current upwelling ecosystem off Namibia by using in situ chlorophyll-a measurements

icon Deon Louw abstract (70.58 kB)

 icon Deon Louw presentation (3.33 MB)

Gonçalo Murta (for Bronwen Currie)

Project WQP/09/04: Assess the impacts of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) on the inshore environment

icon Bronwen Currie EAF abstract (47.03 kB)

 icon Bronwen Currie presentation 1 (2.76 MB)

TUESDAY 24 September 2013
Session 3 (a)


Dr Nele Tim, Insitute for Coastal Research, Germany

Influence of atmospheric circulation and large-scale climate patterns on the Namibian upwelling system: analysis of atmosphere-ocean simulations

icon Nele Tim abstract (46.08 kB)

 icon Nele Tim presentation (422.72 kB)

Dr Anja Eggert, Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Warnemünde, Germany

Dynamics of the oxygen minimum zone on the Namibian shelf: a model perspective

icon Anja Eggert abstract (36.86 kB)

 icon Anja Eggert presentation (1.68 MB)

Dr Kay Emeis, Centre for Marine Tropical Ecology, Bremen, Germany

Nutrient and CO2 dynamics in the northern Benguela

icon Kay Emeis abstract (123.81 kB)

 icon Kay Emeis presentation (2.38 MB)

Dr Werner Ekau, Centre for Marine Tropical Ecology, Bremen, Germany

Physiological characteristic of plankton organisms and their role for ecosystem functioning. Results from GENUS 1 and II  

icon Werner Ekau abstract (23.74 kB)


Anja van der Plas, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

Coastal Monitoring Network and variability in the Lüderitz Upwelling Cell – Orange River Cone (LUCORC) area

icon Anja van der Plas abstract (52.76 kB)

 icon Anja van der Plas presentation (5.56 MB)

Session 3 (b)


Rodney Braby, NACOMA project, Swakopmund, Namibia

An overview of the Namibian Coast Conservation and Management project

icon Rod Braby abstract (167.06 kB)

 icon Rod Braby presentation (3.65 MB)

Dr Ben van Zyl, SEAFO Secretariat, Swakopmund, Namibia

An overview of the South East Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (SEAFO) and its activities

icon Ben van Zyl abstract (27.46 kB)

 icon Ben van Zyl presentation (1.98 MB)

Dr Hashali Hamukuaya

Introduction to the BCC Climate Change project and the BCC


 icon Hashali Hamukuaya presentation 2 (1.2 MB)

Dr Nkosi Luyeye, Institute for the Development of Artisanal Fisheries, Angola

EAF – Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) in Angola



Johannes Iitembu, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

EAF –  Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) in Namibia

icon JA Iitembu abstract (46.08 kB)

 icon Johannes Iitembu presentation 1 (271.64 kB)

Craig Smith, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, South Africa

Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) in South Africa



Pinehas Auene, Ministry of Works and Transport, Namibia

Oil Spill Risk Assessment (OSRA) and Sensitivity Mapping



Session 4(a)


Dave Russell, Consultant to the Confederation of Namibian Fishing Associations

Key issues and possible impacts of seismic activities on tunas and tuna-like species

icon Dave Russell abstract (45.07 kB)

 icon Dave Russell presentation (2.57 MB)

G Schneider & Aphary Muyongo, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Namibia

Hydrocarbon exploration and albacore tuna fisheries – a classic example for the role of the BCC in joint and transboundary management of the BCLME


 icon Gabi Schneider & Aphary Muyongo presentation (4.89 MB)

Marine mining sector

Short presentations by the Namibian phosphate industry, Minstry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and NACOMA


 icon Rod Braby mining presentation (3.56 MB)

icon Marine phosphate presentation (2.24 MB)

icon MFMR mining presentation (174.15 kB)

Session 4 (b)

Panel discussion

WEDNESDAY 25 September 2013
Session 5 (a)

Filomena vaz Velho, Instituto Nacional de Investigação Pesqueira (INIP), Angola

Early life history and stock identity of horse mackerel species

icon Filomena vaz Velho abstract (112.37 kB)

 icon Filomena vaz Velho presentation (Empty)

Dr Dawit Yemane, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, South Africa

Environmental links to pelagic fish life cycles, abundance and distribution: determining governing factors

icon Dawit Yemane abstract (31.01 kB)

 icon Dawit Yemane presentation (1.22 MB)

Dr Janet Coetzee, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, South Africa

Acoustic survey methods and associated errors

icon Janet Coetzee abstract 1 (23.46 kB)

 icon Janet Coetzee presentation 1 (1.56 MB)

Session 5 (b)


Dr Janet Coetzee, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, South Africa

Development of acoustic methodology for zooplankton biomass assessment

icon Janet Coetzee abstract 2 (21.01 kB)

 icon Janet Coetzee presentation 2 (4.78 MB)

Silvia Nsiangango, Instituto Nacional de Investigação Pesqueira (INIP), Angola

Stock definition and interactions between demersal fish off Angola

icon Silvi Nsiangoango abstract (78.43 kB)

 icon Silvi Nsiangoango presentation (1.19 MB)

Dr Kumbi Kilongo, Instituto Nacional de Investigação Pesqueira (INIP), Angola

Interactions between demersal stocks in Angola

icon Kumbi Kilongo abstract (193.85 kB)

 icon Kumbi Kilongo presentation (791.41 kB)

Marco Worship, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, South Africa

Development of a continuous plankton recorder sister survey in the BCLME

icon Verheye and Worship abstract (73.77 kB)

 icon Verheye and Worship presentation (3.64 MB)

Session 6 (a)

Dr Toufiek Samaai, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

A spatial assessment of the BCLME region

icon Toufiek Samaai abstract (76.23 kB)

 icon Toufiek Samaai presentation (3.18 MB)

Dr Newi Makhado, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Wide scale changes in land-breeding top predator populations in the BCLME

icon Makhado et al abstract (52.58 kB)

 icon Newi Makhado presentation (2.29 MB)

Dr Marek Lipinski, on behalf of Tore Stromme

Last straw which did not break the camel’s back: Dr Fridtjof Nansen cruise 2013 and background to the transboundary question for hakes

icon Marek Lipinski abstract (72.77 kB)

 icon Marek Lipinski presentation 1 (1.77 MB)

Session 6 (b)


Gonçalo Murta, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

Project EAF/09/08: The impacts of H2S and low oxygen on inshore marine species

icon Bronwen Currie abstract 2 (47.2 kB)

 icon Bronwen Currie presentation 2 (2.53 MB)

Dr Simon Elwen, Namibian Dolphin Project

The impact of seismic surveys, other human noise and offshore mining on cetaceans



THURSDAY 26 September 2013
Session 7 (a)

Steve Kirkman, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Nansclim synthesis: Climate effects on biodiversity, abundance and distribution of marine organisms in the Benguela

icon Steve Kirkman abstract (73.84 kB)

 icon Steve Kirkman presentation (2.4 MB)

Session 7 (b)

Paul Kainge, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

ECOFISH 2: Hake catchability: any relation to environmental parameters in Namibian waters

icon Kainge et al abstract (62.95 kB)

 icon Kainge et al presentation (1.66 MB)

Dr Kai Wieland

ECOFISH 3: Environmental effects on hake catchability in the South African west coast survey

icon Kai Wieland abstract (24.33 kB)

 icon Kai Wieland presentation (4.76 MB)

Johannes Iitembu, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

ECOFISH 4: Trophic levels and stable isotopes

icon Johannes IItembu abstract (75.34 kB)

 icon Johannes Iitembu presentation 2 (444.03 kB)

Marek Lipinski, for Prof Conrad Matthee

ECOFISH 5: Genetics

icon Marek Lipinski abstract 2 (68.18 kB)

 icon Marek Lipinski presentation 2 (709.28 kB)

Dr Barbara Paterson, Namibia Nature Foundation

ECOFISH 6: Namibian hake fishery: results and analysis

icon Barbara Paterson abstract (20.67 kB)

 icon Barbara Paterson presentation (2.78 MB)

Session 8


John Kathena, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

ECOFISH 7: Hake assessment model benchmark

icon John Kathena abstract (42.59 kB)

 icon John Kathena presentation (893.07 kB)

Dr Teunis Jansen, DTU, Denmark

ECOFISH 8: Transboundary hake

icon Teunis Jansen abstract (34.24 kB)

 icon Teunis Jansen presentation (2.82 MB)

Dr Fritz Köster, DTU, Denmark

ECOFISH 9: ECOFISH progress and future

icon Koster et al abstract (Empty)

 icon Koster et al presentation (1.73 MB)

Final observations and closure of the Annual Science Forum by the BCC Ecosystems Coordinator, Dr Quentin Espey