ASF 2014

Photographs: Day Three

ASF 2014 proceedings and presentations

Monday 13 October 2014 Presentation
Session 1: Opening

Chair: Ulitala Hiveluah, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

Opening remarks by Executive Secretary of the BCC – Dr Hashali Hamukuaya  
Welcoming remarks by his worship the Mayor of Swakopmund – Clr Juuso Kambueshe  
Address by Counsellor Alf-Age Hansen of the Norwegian Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa  
Opening address by Honourable Bernhard Esau, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia  
Keynote address
Dr Michael O'Toole Harnessing our ocean wealth -- an integrated Marine Plan for Ireland  icon Day 1 ASF OToole (1.36 MB)
Session 2: BCC reports and updates

Chair: Graca de Almeida, Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources, Namibia

Dr Hashali Hamukuaya on behalf of Filomena Vaz Velho, Chair of the Ecosystem Advisory Committee Update on the BCC Science Programme  icon Day 1 Vaz Velho (883.88 kB)
Dr Hashali Hamukuaya Updates on BCC milestones  icon Day 1 ASF Hamukuaya (1.48 MB)
Monica Thomas BCC Training & Capacity Development icon Day 1 Thomas (1.43 MB)
Zukile Hutu BCC Data and Information Management icon Day 1 Hutu (1.47 MB)
Sandy Davies State of the Marine Environment report icon Day 1 Davies (220.92 kB)
Session 3: Ecosystem modelling, resources survey methodology and fish stocks
Chair: Siphokazi Ndudane, Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, South Africa
Maya Pfaff on behalf of John Field A conceptual model for the BCC icon Day 1 Pfaff (3.37 MB)
Dawit Yemane Environmental links to pelagic fish cycles, abundance and distribution: determining governing factors

icon Day 1 Yemane 1 (179.09 kB) 
icon Day 1 Yemane 2 (1.52 MB)

Ian Hampton Acoustic survey methods and associated errors icon Day 1 Hampton (1.87 MB)
Session 4: Ecosystem modelling, resources survey methods and fish stocks

Chair: Fritz Koster, Danish Technical University, Denmark

Janet Coetzee Development of acoustic methodology for zooplankton biomass assessment icon Day 1 Coetzee (2.14 MB)
Martha Uumati Target strength identification on non-exploited species, gobies and jellyfish  Presentation currently not available for download
Kumbi Kilongo Interactions between demersal stocks in Angola icon Day 1 Kilongo (2.03 MB)
Day 2: Tuesday 14th October 2014
Session 5: Ecological sustainable fisheries practices

Chair: Tembisa Sineke, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Kumbi Kilongo Stock definition and interaction between demersal fish off Angola icon Day 2 Kilongo (1.71 MB)
Hans Verheye Development of a Continuous Plankton Recorder sister survey in the BCLME icon Day 2 Verheye (2.57 MB)
Toufiek Samaai Spatial biodiversity assessment and spatial management, including marine protected areas icon Day 2 Samaai (1.2 MB)
Bronwen Currie The bearded goby Sufflogobius bibabatus: specialist of the Benguela ecosystem  Presentation not available for download
Anja Kreiner The benefits of global databases: WoRMS and OBIS icon Day 2 Kreiner (3.61 MB)
Session 6: Ecological sustainable fisheries practices
Chair: Sam Mafwila, University of Namibia
Fritz Koster Ecofish status and progress in 2014 icon Day 2 Koster (2.7 MB)
John Kathena Statistical catch-at-age vs state-space stock assessment model: the case of Namibian hake stock icon Day 2 Kathena (1.98 MB)
Johannes Iitembu Some aspects of the trophic relationships of hake, horse mackerel and Sardinella: stable isotopes results icon Day 2 Iitembu (1.69 MB)
Victoria Erasmus Trophic relationships of some prey species off Namibia: stable isotopes approach icon Day 2 Erasmus (2.05 MB)
Paulus Kainge Diurnal effects on bottom trawl survey catch rates -- some preliminary results icon Day 2 Kainge (2.52 MB)
Kai Wieland Ecofish project WP2: application of a trawl mounted instrument package for studying environmental effects on hake catchability icon Day 2 Wieland (2.68 MB)
Sarah Paulus Report back on fish ageing in the Benguela icon Day 2 Paulus (138.5 kB)
Session 7: Ecological sustainable fisheries practices

Chair: Kumbi Kilongo, Ministry of Fisheries, Angola

Romina Henriques Genetic stock assessment of hake species along the southern African coastline  
Eric Juergen Haase Initiative to establish a marine oil spill surveillance program in Namibia icon Day 2 Haase (2.6 MB)
Hans Verheye The NansClim project -- successes and failutres. Results of the independent evaluation of the project icon Day 2 Verheye Nansclim (503.71 kB)
Anja Kreiner Will there be a Nansclim 2? If yes, what will we do? icon Day 2 Kreiner Nansclim (831.46 kB)
Session 8: Marine sciences

Chair: Hans Verheye, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Werner Ekau Physiological characteristics of early life stages of fish and implications for the recruitment of the species icon Day 2 Ekau (1.22 MB)
Rolf Koppelmann Pelago-benthic connections off northern Namibia icon Day 2 Koppelman (1.72 MB)
Julian Brust-Möbius Optical properties of typical water masses in the northern Benguela icon Day 2 Brust Mobius (2.57 MB)
Volker Mohrholz Contribution of upwelling filaments to cross shelf transport of matter and its implication for ecosystem dynamics icon Day 2 Morholz (1.57 MB)
Day 3: Wednesday 15th October 2014
Session 9: Marine sciences

Chair: Chris Bartholomae, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

Matti Amukwa Fishing industry's view on the need for good ecosystem research regarding marine mining impacts icon Day 3 Amukwa (1.37 MB)
Niko Lahajnar Particulate matter distribution and cycling in the Benguela upwelling system icon Day 3 Lahajnar (2.07 MB)
Bronwen Currie The Namibian seabed environmental assessment project: investigating the potential impacts of phosphate mining on the marine ecosystem off Namibia icon Day 3 Currie (1.43 MB)
Anja van der Plas Coastal monitoring network icon Day 3 van der Plas (1.26 MB)
Henry Bokuniewicz Submarine groundwater (and nutrient) discharge from (semi-) and arid coasts icon Day 3 Bokuniewicz (1.74 MB)
Session 10: New projects

Chair: Hashali Hamukuaya, Benguela Current Commission

Hashali Hamukuaya Introduction to the BCC-GEF-UNDP support for SAP implementation project  icon Day 3 Hamukuaya (2.25 MB)
Gunnar Finke Conservation and sustainable use of the BCLME: marine spatial planning and ecologically or biologically sensitive areas icon Day 3 Finke (1.3 MB)
Kevern Cochrane Enhancing climate change resilience in the Benguela Current fisheries system icon Day 3 Cochrane (1.27 MB)
Gabriella Bianchi Introducing a new phase of the EAF-Nansen project icon Day 3 Bianchi (521.78 kB)
Michael O'Toole Final observations and closure of the Forum  icon Day 3 OToole (35.68 kB)