The Benguela Current LME

The Benguela Current LME is one of the most productive marine ecosystems on earth and an asset of global importance. It stretches from Port Elizabeth in South Africa to the province of Cabinda in northern Angola, encompassing the full extent of the cold Benguela Current. The BCLME sustains important artisanal and commercial fisheries and valuable offshore industries, including marine diamond mining and oil and gas extraction.

Angola, Namibia and South Africa are the countries bordering the Benguela Current LME.

Strong political support for regional cooperation in the management of marine and coastal resources has seen Angola, Namibia and South Africa establish the Benguela Current Commission, a multilateral organisation that promotes the optimal and sustainable utilisation of the BCLME.

The Benguela Current Commission was established in 2007, with a mandate to work towards restoring, maintaining and conserving the biological integrity of the BCLME. Its key focus is the management of shared fish stocks; environmental monitoring; biodiversity and ecosystem health; the mitigation of pollution; and minimising the impacts of marine diamond mining and oil and gas production.