6th Meeting of the BCC Ministerial Conference

The 6th Ministerial Conference was held on 9 November 2017 in Windhoek. The meeting was Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Secretaries of State from all Parties.

At the meeting, the Ministers:

·         evaluated the implementation of the Convention and approved any changes to the Strategic Action Programme (SAP);

·         took actions necessary to facilitate the effective implementation of SAP;

·         reviewed and approved the Annual Report 2016/2017;

·         reviewed and approved the work plans for the next fiscal year;

·         reviewed and provided policy guidance of governance matters; and

·         signed the Headquarters Agreement between the host Government and the BCC.

At the closure of the meeting, the ministers issued a communique -  English Communique MC 9 Nov 2017Portuguese Communique MC 9 Nov 2017