6th International Environment Technologies Fair "Environment Angola 2018" in Luanda, Angola


The International Environment Technologies Fair "Environment Angola 2018" was organized by the Ministry of the Environment in partnership with the Angolan Events Arena Group and took place under the theme "promoting green growth in all sectors of the economy" over a four-day period during June 2018, in Luanda. The Benguela Current Convention (BCC) participated in the event to raise awareness on its objectives, its current projects and perspective on marine environmental issues in Angola, Namibia and South Africa. Furthermore, it was an opportunity for the BCC to interact directly with the public.

The visitors were informed inter alia about the Marine Spatial Management and Governance Project (MARISMA) that is a partnership between BCC Member States of Angola, Namibia and South Africa and the Federal Republic of Germany, in pursuit of the sustainable development of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME) as well as the project on "Climate Change" with the objective to build resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate change in the marine fisheries and mariculture sectors of the BCC by implementing adaptation strategies to ensure food security at community level. Material depicting the BCC and related projects like "Marine Spatial Planning" and "climate change" were exhibited at the stand

The visitors have found the materials and presentations very informative and relevant as for example expressed by a student Leandro Alfredo, who stated that he found the programs of the BCC very interesting that the three countries are united and collaborating to protect the BCLME. "This effort is very important and is a great example for the world," he added.

Adelina Muta, commended that she is already familiar with programs of BCC but that it was good to interact closely with our team. "I will continue to follow the work they do that is very important for the conservation of the BCLME and that the population of the coastal zones of our countries also benefits," he stressed.

More than 100 people visited the BCC's stand during the fair.