Specialists attended Geonode and African marine atlas workhop


Participants from Angola, South Africa, Madagascar, Kenia, Tunisia, Cote de Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria increased their knowledge on the theme of the seminar. At the regional level, representatives of the Abidjan Convention and the Benguela Current Convention also attended the workshop.

Anja Kreiner, from the National Marine Information and Research Center of the Namibian Fisher Ministry, explained that the training was very useful and that the participants can set up the data portly in their countries and follow up the African Atlantic on national base. "Hopefully one day on Africa wide base", she said.

Although the success of the formation Anja Kreiner explained that the training showed again that dealing whit issues of installing software's, having the right hardware that can work whit software is not easy and the difficulties that the professionals faces on daily bases. "We must continue whit that kind activities if we want to develop the system of information that we need to give people the knowledge and the technology", Anja Kreiner add.

"The cooperation with BCC is very important because we hope that the organization will host the data port for Benguela Current countries and I think also that can collaborate with other African countries", Anja Kreiner said.

That workshop happened in a moment that is in discussion the need of the migration of the African Coastal and Marine Atlas (ACMA) to a content management system using the open source software GeoNode. The intention is to develop a user-friendly, simple and sustainably functioning model for Namibia (and later other African countries) using the open-source software GeoNode.