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Three countries sharing a productive ecosystem

The Benguela Current Commission is a multi-sectoral inter-governmental initiative of Angola, Namibia and South Africa. It promotes the sustainable management and protection of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem, or BCLME.


Latest News

  • Aug 15 , 2014

    The fourth Ministerial Conference of the BCC will take place in Namibe, Angola on 21 August 2014.

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  • Jul 07 , 2014

    The Benguela Current Commission (BCC) is a multi-sectoral initiative by Angola, Namibia and South Africa to promote integrated management, sustainable development and protection of the environment using an ecosystem approach to ocean governance. It is focussing, inter alia, on the management of shared fish stocks, marine mining, ecosystem health, marine biodiversity, marine transport, socio-economics and early warning of extreme oceanographic events.

  • Jun 19 , 2014

    The Benguela Current Commission is advertising the position of Ecosystem Coordinator.

    Closing date: extended to 31 July 2014

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  • May 02 , 2014

    Zukile Hutu has been appointed Data and Information Manager of the BCC in the latest of a series of appointments.

  • Mar 14 , 2014

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    The annual Science Forum of the Benguela Current Commission is scheduled to take place at the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre from 13 to 16 October 2014.


A Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem that is sustainably used and managed, conserved, protected and contributes to the wellbeing of the people of the region.

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Mission Statement

To foster cooperation between the Republic of Angola, Republic of Namibia and Republic of South Africa and work towards an integrated, science-based and regional approach for the conservation, protection and sustainable use and management of the BCLME. To achieve this by facilitating the development and implementation of joint programmes of work.

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The Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem is one of the richest ecosystems on earth...