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Regional Integrated Information Management System

The Benguela Current Convention (BCC) is guided by the Articles 4(2)(d) of the Convention. The article enables BCC with the three member states to establish mechanisms for intersectoral data collection, sharing and exchange thereof. The relevant data and information include statistical, biological, environmental and socio-economical from all member states. In order to achieve this, the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem Regional Integrated Information Management System (BCLME RIIMS) was designed and developed. This allows the BCC Data and Information and the Regional Data information Working Groups to host and share relevant data among BCC member states.

BCC Staff and Stakeholders Systems:


Access the BCC Web-based Email System


Platform for sharing Secretariat internal information and is extended to National Contact Points to share documentation for Statutory Meetings. 


A platform for sharing information between closed groups of users dealing with specific areas of Regional Integration

Geographic Information System (GIS)

An open source portal for the important GIS data that member states intends to share.

Regional Database Management System (DBMS)

A centralised environment for member states to share and store critical data including statistical, biological, environmental, marine, fisheries, GIS and socio-economical.

BCC eLearning Platform

Innovative portal to enable BCC to reach stakeholders and learn online and get related certificates and qualifications.

Tender Submission

Complete the form and submit your tenders to BCC.

Expert Registration

Register and apply to become a BCC Expert.

Employment Application

Apply for employment to the BCC, complete the form and submit it.