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The Data Management Policy and Protocol sets

Management Policy & Protocol

One of the priorities of the BCC is to ensure that the information produced by its various activities is correctly managed and accessible to all the countries of Benguela.

With this goal in mind, a Data and Information policy has been formulated. The Data Management Policy and Protocol set out the procedures to be followed by users of data, metadata, and information collected by or held under the auspices of the BCC. It provides guidance on data submission, data management, and access to data and metadata and pertains to statistical, biological, environmental, and socio-economic data.

In drafting its Data Management Policy and Protocol, the BCC was guided by the principle that data collected and generated under its auspices should be easily accessible to the Benguela community.

In recognition of the importance of good data management, the governments of Angola, Namibia, and South Africa have committed themselves to achieve a number of data-related goals. These goals are captured in the text of the Benguela Current Convention. The Convention text stipulates that the countries shall:

  • Establish mechanisms for inter-sectoral data collection, sharing, and exchange (Article 4 (d)).
  • Promote the collection, exchange, dissemination, and analyses of the relevant data and information, including statistical, biological, environmental, and socio-economic (data) (Article 8).






Partnerships and collaborations have been forged with a number of data management organisations so as to ensure the utility and accessibility of data generated by the BCC. For example, partnerships have been forged with the Ocean Data and Information Network of Africa (ODINAFRICA); the Marine Atlas Project; and the Southern African Data Centre for Oceanography (SADCO).

About SEIS

Once it is fully operational, the State of the Ecosystem Information System, or SEIS, will provide the Benguela community with the latest available information about the state of the marine environment. The ultimate goal of the SEIS is to integrate and present the outputs of the activities of the four joint working groups of the Ecosystem Advisory Committee and their related activities.

A SEIS was developed to a demonstration level during the course of the BCLME Programme and a process is underway to update and expand the original product. The new SEIS is envisaged as a sustainable and user-friendly resource that will provide the BCC and decision-makers in each of the three countries with reliable and up-to-date information on a wide range of subjects. This will facilitate informed decision making and contribute to the integrated management, sustainable development, and protection of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem.

The D&I Working Group

The Data and Information Management Working Group of the Benguela Current Commission plays an advisory role, providing recommendations to the three BCC countries on the subject of information management. Made up of six members – two from each country – the Working Group meets twice per year or at any other time when there is a specific need. Its task is to advise on improving the flow and exchange of information between the BCC and its member states.

The Data & Information Manager

The collation, curation, presentation, and storage of data emanating from BCC-supported projects and activities is the task of the Data and Information Manager. This full-time position is an important one because it directly supports the decision-making abilities of the Benguela Current Commission.

The Data and Information Manager is responsible for the compilation, coordination, and distribution of data and information necessary for the functioning of the Benguela Current Commission. He/she assists with the development and implementation of appropriate data management systems, working closely with the Executive Secretary and the Ecosystems Coordinator to manage the day-to-day data and information needs of the Commission.

The development and coordination of data and information systems such as the SEIS is a priority of the Data and Information manager.


The BCC Data and Information Policy
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