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Strategic Action Programme Theme (SAP)



Water is one of the most important and basic natural resources. Water is not only one of the most essential commodities of our day-to-day life, but the development of this natural resource also plays a crucial role in economic and social development processes. While the total amount of water available in the world is constant and is generally said to be adequate to meet all the demands of mankind, its quality and distribution over different regions of the world is uneven and causes problems of scarcity and suitability. It is therefore imperative that man develops, uses and manages this scarce commodity as rationally and efficiently as possible.

In order to execute this task, accurate and adequate information must be available about the quality of this natural resource under constantly changing human pressures and natural forces in the Benguela Current Region.


To identify, monitor and manage coastal water quality at ‘hotspots’ locations and to support MS in setting up monitoring programmes for the pollution and develop mitigation measures and policies for the prevention and abatement of pollution.

Scope of Work

1.     Conduct preliminary surveys to define the “hot spots” areas;

2.     Assess the needs for the national / local institutions regarding the monitoring programmes of pollutants substances

3.     In consultation with stakeholders, design the monitoring programmes for pollutants  from land-based sources and from ships.

4.     Make recommendations on the implementation of the monitoring programme

5.     Procure laboratory supplies needed for the monitoring programme

6.     Facilitate the mainstreaming of the monitoring programmes into national activities to ensure sustainability beyond the project

7.     Provide requisite monitoring skills to the technicians within national / local institutions.

Outputs and Reports

1. Description and Identification of Pollutioin HotspotsEnglishPortuguese
2. Draft Monitoring PlanEnglishPortuguese
3. Needs Assessment ReportEnglishPortuguese
4. Workshop Training PlanEnglishPortuguese
5. Training ManualEnglishPortuguese
6. Integration ReportEnglishPortuguese
7. Final ReportEnglishPortuguese

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