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Strategic Action Programme Theme (SAP)

Ecosystem Health and Biodiversity


Ecosystems are becoming damaged or degraded as a result of stresses especially associated with human activities. A healthy ecosystem is essential to provide the services that humans and the natural environment require and has tremendous social and economic value. The concept of ecosystem health refers to the capacity of the ecosystem to be able perform its normal functions.

The BCC has, over years, developed strong linkages and networks with regional and global partners that provide knowledge in various areas such as integrated ecosystem monitoring and analysis and ecosystem modelling. This project will address the ability to evaluate the ecosystem health in the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem by quantifying ecosystem conditions using a variety of the most appropriate indicators for measuring ecosystem sustainability.


To support the Parties in developing capacity within their marine research institutions to monitor ecosystem health.

Scope of Work

1. Conduct regional and national awareness-raising workshops on the concept of “place-based” ecosystem management and on ecosystem services, their inter-linkages, and their relationship to human well-being;

2. Facilitate a rapid assessment of the links between key ecosystem services at the national and regional levels;

3. Deliver accessible guides on the ecosystem approach to ocean governance, directed at various groups of stakeholders;

4. Strengthen collaborations with institutions specialised in ecosystem indicators;

5. Disseminating key messages as widely as possible, particularly regarding the important links between ecosystem services and human well-being, and the drivers of ecosystem degradation

Outputs and Reports

Document Language
 1. Discussion Document on Ecosystem Services English Portuguese
 2. Linkages Between Ecosystem Services Indicators – Updated report including workshop inputs English Portuguese
 3. Workshops on the Concept of Place Based Ecosystem Management, Rapid Assessment of the Links Between Ecosystem Services and Strengthening ability to monitor Ecosystem Services Engilsh Portuguese
 4. Disseminating Key Messages as Widely as Possible: 6.2: Report on dissemination of key messages English Portuguese
5. Stakeholder Guide on the ecosystem approach to ocean governance English Portuguese
6. Strengthen Collaborations with Institutions Specialised in Ecosystem Health Monitoring English Portuguese

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