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The BCLME III Project is implementing demonstration projects in each of the three BCC countries. Specific to Angola, the focus is on strengthening local level sustainable fisheries management practices. This includes fish processing for artisanal fisheries, improving regulatory systems as well as improving mariculture.

The BCC has partnered with Holisticos and the University of Aveiro as consultants to undertake mariculture as well as environmental and socio-economic baseline assessments. Holisticos will be undertaking environmental and socio-economic baseline assessment to inform the development of fisheries management practices at local level; while University of Aveiro will conduct a feasibility study for mariculture of bivalve molluscs. The outcomes from the assessments and application of UNDP Social and Environmental Safeguards will result in the formulation of implementation plans.

To kick-start this process, inception workshops were held from 19 to 20 February 2020 in Luanda, followed by field visits to Benguela (Caota and Equimina), Namibe and Cacuaco North of Luanda from 21 February to 3 March 2020. The objective of the field visits was to introduce the assessments to the respective stakeholders; collect samples and validate suitable sites to establish demonstration areas.

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